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January 11, 2013

Letter from AN Editor


I know, it’s usually letter from THE editor, but so many people dedicated their time to getting the Legal Journal out to you that it couldn’t be narrowed to one person.


That’s a lesson that everyone in a law firm should learn, from support staff to attorneys. Attorneys depend on paralegals to keep them on track and paralegals depend on attorneys to send them down the right path to begin with. It’s a checks and balances, give and take, and at times “if I go down you’re going with me” system. While we, as paralegals, cannot (and should not) take complete responsibility for everything that passes through our hands, we do not take all of the praise either. Regardless if a co-worker helped by making copies, remember that in the back of your mind as your attorney sings your praises.


Why do I bring this up? Because SFPA is as good as everyone in the association wants it to be, from seasoned members to the newest member.  Your input is not only wanted but needed.

  • Do you want a CLE on a specific topic? Email Mayda (the Miami chair) or me (the Broward chair)
  • Do you want to add to the Legal Journal? Email Art (another editor)
  • Do you want to seek an open board position? Email Karen (our beloved President)

There is so much for you to do this year! Our goal is to assist you in becoming the best paralegal you can be.  Our success as a group is enhanced by what you contribute. 

  • There is a January CLE luncheon in Miami
  • Our CP prep classes are starting in February
  • There will be a February CLE dinner in Broward
  •  SFPA is hosting the 2013 NFPA Region III Meeting

All of this is noted in the Legal Journals! (Don’t forget to visit our sponsors webpages, too!)


On a final note, as a 2011 SFPA Scholarship winner, I wanted to send a quick CONGRATULATIONS to our 2012 SFPA Scholarship winners!


And so I present to you (just a little late) the final 2012 Legal Journal.


Jennifer Patti, FRP

SFPA Broward Chair, Webmaster, and Contributing Editor to the SFPA Legal Journal


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